Are you being recognized for your full talent??  Do you feel that people in your industry
are not “getting you”?  Are you always being overlooked on auditions and connections
in your business?  Is it true that you feel like there is “more to you” than what the decision-makers in the business have seen so far??

I can help you know the real “you” and bring out your true artistic potential, no matter what field you are in.  Acting, Music, Voice, Dance, Writing, I can help you remove all of your blocks to what is keeping you from achieving your dreams.

I am a consultant for the Screen Actor’s Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists since 2004, where I do workshops.  I also am a neurophysiologist who is an expert on stage fright in performers and effective performance techniques.  I have been an actor on radio, television and in feature films, and am a highly trained classical
musician and singer who has played with members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the Ravinia Festival among other accomplishments.  I currently serve as Principal Trumpet and Artistic Coordinator of Symphony 47 in Hollywood, CA.

My credentials include a Master’s degree in Psychoneuromusicology from the Nobel-Prize winning University of Chicago, where I invented this whole new field of science to study active, working professional performers.  I have published one book, Stage Fright in Music Performance and Its Relationship to the Unconscious, and am currently finishing a second.  In the past I have taught on the subject at the UCLA Geffen Medical School’s East-West Division and have presented at the Performing Arts Medicine Association’s International Symposium in Aspen of which I have been a member.

In the pop-rock arena, and as a songwriter, my band has had one minor hit, “For China”, which competed with R.E.M. in major markets where it was heard by over seven million listeners and was used as a soundtrack for an NBC San Francisco documentary on the Chiniese community.  The song is currently enjoying a renaissance under the alternate title, “Freedom for All” on the EP of the same name.  I sing, play guitar and also serve as producer on these tracks along with my spouse who sings backup and plays bass.

Since 2004, I have been working with clients in all fields of artistic endeavor, and I also wrote a newspaper column for the American Federation of Musicians’ newspaper, the Overture, for seven years and have been interviewed on the BBC Program “Music Review”.

I would be glad to help you achieve your goals and dreams as an artist; nothing should hinder your dreams!!!  My clients have been on top network shows, feature films and major orchestras.

Acceptance is by audition/interview only.  My studio is accepting a handful of artists. Email me at or use the “Contact Us” link at

Michael I. Goode and Trumpetworks Press do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, age, national origin or ancestry, pregnancy status, veteran’s status, genetic information, physical and/or mental disability or any other category protected by applicable law.